our values


Social justice is the core value underpinning our work; a practice that identifies and attempts to address unequal relations of power for the creation of a better fairer society. Anchoring our work in a set of clear values and principles helps us identify our key aim and goals and guide us in good practice.

Crossroads is committed to recognising, respecting and promoting children’s rights as part of its wider commitment to improving life chances for all children and young people. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is a key document which guides our youth work policy and practice.

The tree image above represents our commitment to the values and principles of the UNCRC in an accessible way for children and young people. The tree takes its own unique shape influenced by the environment and conditions in which it grows. The continual need to adapt and evolve in order to thrive is important but that can mean we lose sight of what is really important in our lives and how we relate with others. The stars above the tree are the permanent values we can look to whenever we need guidance in our future direction.

o Transparency

To ensure that all processes are transparent.

o Focus on well-being, development and aspirations of young people

To place the primary focus on the well-being, development and aspirations of all young people with whom we work with.

o Individuality, Integrity and anti-discrimination

To pay full regard to their individuality and integrity avoiding discrimination on any grounds.

o Empowering young people

As far as possible, to encourage young people to make or participate in decisions which affect them, and to become involved in a wide range of activities within proper limits of safety and good practice.

o Individuality

To avoid the categorisation of young people and instead to regard them as individuals and find connections between their newly learned skills and other areas of their lives.

o Personal and Social Development

To avoid too heavy an emphasis on diversionary activities; rather, to support young people in their personal and social development by allowing them to create and participate in activities which have contemporary relevance to them.

o Balance of right and responsibilities

To encourage and enable young people to exercise their rights and to achieve a proper balance between their rights and responsibilities.

o Promote social confidence

To use an approach which will promote social confidence and awareness of others.

o Partnership

To work in partnership with any individual or organisation operating in the same field and sharing the same aims and values