community work at the barn

At Crossroads we follow a community led approach to community development through listening to and understanding what local people want and need, and working with the community to achieve this collectively and bring about change.

We value local people as assets and believe they are fundamental to developing their own community in which they would like to live.

Getting to know local people, and building and maintaining relationships, is central to our work. We love to learn from local people and hear their thoughts, stories and ideas.

We welcome diversity and believe all people should be valued equally and allowed to realise their full potential. Challenging all forms of inequality and discrimination is at the core of our work.

We take a holistic approach to community development, working with local people to take control of their own lives, participate effectively, take action and build their own community.

Reflection is essential to working effectively. We believe that through reflecting on ourselves, our work and our community, we can all become more aware of the community in which we work and live, and learn from each other.

We believe happiness is integral to an effective community. Through working collectively with local people we hope people will find happiness within their local community.