aspirations of work

aspirationsofworkSome young people from the age of around 14 begin to think about where they want to go in life and whether staying on at school, or entering employment, education or training is the best option for them. Referrals are made to Skills Development Scotland and Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency where appropriate to engage in further education and employment opportunities.

The Barn provides support and direction through 3 key areas:

Being Prepared

Is it time to prepare for the next chapter in your life? Whether you are looking for employment or continuing with education ‘Being Prepared’ helps you build your confidence and looks at how to prepare for what is ahead. In these session you will be looking at the importance of knowing what are applying for, how to find out about the key aspects of jobs, careers, education or training and who can help you make that next step.

CV Clinic

Is your CV sick? (I’m not talking about “sick” in a good way.) Does your CV need a check-up or perhaps a full physical? At the CV clinic you will get the opportunity to fine-tune your CV. If you have never written a CV the CV Clinic can help you. Here at the CV Clinic you can work on the CV you have or create a brand new one with the help from the team on site. Even get the opportunity to have your CV looked at by workers involved in recruiting.

Stand Out In a Crowd

Stand out in a crowd supports young people to learn how to look the part, act the part and be the part. Whether it’s an interview for college, university or a job we will hold mock interviews, give you the chance to be the interviewee and role play to offer you vital experience which will prepare you for any future interviews.