about the barn

The Barn was originally built by Crossroads and the local people of Laurieston as a response to the lack of facilities and opportunities for young people in one of Glasgow’s most deprived neighbourhoods. Crossroads has been working with young people in the Gorbals since it became a constituted organisation in 1967 and has provided a building or space to do so almost uninterrupted since then. The Building, as it now stands, was built in 1990 and has become a much utilised and enjoyed feature of the Laurieston and Greater Gorbals community landscape. The space is open to the whole community as: a friendly drop-in and meeting place; a support and advice centre; a hub for community interest groups; an informal & formal education venue, such as seminars etc.; a space for birthday parties and community wide events and celebrations.

The Barn is also a dedicated youth centre with a concern for the welfare and informal education of young people aged between 8 to 24 years old. It is a place where young people come along voluntarily and choose to be involved. Crossroads believes it is important that young people have a place where they can relax, meet friends and have fun. We also believe it is vital that young people have a place where they can come together and reflect on themselves, their place in the world, identify their needs and wants and to identify alternative possibilities. The Barn’s youth work team values and respects a young person’s life experience and this forms the basis for shaping the agenda of what happens at the centre. We recognise the young person as an active partner who can, and should, have opportunities and resources to shape our service and their own lives. The relationship and dialogue between the young person and youth worker is central to everything that happens at The Barn.


A view out the window of a building used by Crossroads in the 60's/ 70's on Abbotsford Place, currently where the Barn is situated.

Youth Committee

Office Bearers




Adam Duncan (Secretary)


Ethan Fisher (Treasurer) 

Other committee members:

Charlotte McQueen

Mia Howie

Christopher Healey

Teagan Fisher